Wines directly from the producer


Since 1990, Relinco is specialized in the sourcing and selling of wines directly from the producer.

The company is located in the Bordeaux region and boasts an experience of more than 35 years.

Obviously, wines directly from the producer offers many advantages, such as authenticity, stability and continuity, just to mention a few.

Finding the right wine can be quite a big task, as every region has a lot of producers who are offering different qualities and different price-points.

It is where Relinco comes in, as working as agent permits to be unbiased and to perfectly help the buyer to find the right wine from the right producer.

Most often, the wines are being proposed with exclusivity, so that our customers can promote the wines with peace of mind.

Our scope is not limited to one specific region, but reaches all the wine producing areas of France, as well as some in Spain.

Naturally, all type of wines are being sold;  red, white and rosé wines, but also sparkling, conventional or biological.

Last but not least, also for transport and logistics, Relinco helps to assure that the customer gets the wine exactly as expected, by a close follow-up of every order.

Our clients are importers, wine shop chains and supermarkets from different countries and continents.


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