Behind Relinco, there is more than 35 years experience in the marketing of drinks. 


By working as an agent and as a broker Relinco helps importers and distributors to find the right products  and offers producers the opportunity to find new buyers around the world. 


Professional visitors can post a tender for wines directly on the site to receive a proposal of corresponding wines. 

You can post a tender here: wine tender or contact us here to be on our mailing list or for more information: contact


As a producer you can present us the details of your products. Because Relinco acts as a broker, the producer invoices the customer directly, thus promoting continuity and stability in the relationship. 

Click here to send: information about your products


Obviously the years of visting wine properties and looking behind the curtains of how a property is being managed has resulted in a in-depth knowledge of the potential and profitability of a property. 

It is then also a natural extension for Relinco to offer services of research and help with the acquiring of a wine estate. 

Of course, we guarantee an absolute discretion for both buyers and sellers. Please contact us here : contact